Universal search made easy

Reduce search times and increase viewing with Advanced Search

Think360 Advanced Search makes it quick and easy for viewers to find something compelling to watch.

Built to scale, our multi-language search works just as smoothly supporting a universal search capability for super-aggregators as it does for a traditional SVOD service.

It learns which searches are trending and uses this insight to optimise the viewer experience.

A world away from the clunky ‘lean forward’ search experiences that so frustrate viewers, Advanced Search features auto-complete of search terms – including title, people, characters, genre, channels, sports and teams.

When viewers search for content that is not available, Think360 recommends similar titles instead of returning no results.

And our powerful ThinkInsight dashboards measure search effectiveness and potential churn indicators by monitoring popular and trending search terms and using AI to infer intended search terms from partial or incomplete data.