Make the most of your Metadata

With enriched metadata you can merchandize your content better and deliver personalized experiences for individual viewers, boosting engagement.

The Think360 automated ThinkMetadata solution enriches metadata for better discovery in dozens of languages. Because it keeps on top of the ever-changing content, there is no need to resort to time-consuming manual classification or rely on basic third-party services.

Our solution applies AI and machine learning to generate multi-dimensional tags that define and explain the DNA of each asset at a granular level – for example, the different elements of a plot, narrative styles, formats and moods.

It is complemented with consulting services such as our title curation service, which augments catalogs to improve titles’ descriptive depth and boost discoverability, whatever the metadata source. Our experienced team can also help you merge third-party metadata and pinpoint any gaps, errors and inconsistencies.

By understanding your content better, you can ensure your viewers never miss the chance to watch those important big-budget and prime-time programs as well as any unusual long-tail content that matches their interests.