Amazon Web Services

Solution Overview

The ThinkAnalytics real-time content discovery and viewer engagement platform delivers increased viewer engagement and reduced churn through personalizing the user experience and content recommendations. Proven ROI with uplift results from leading customers, maximize effectiveness from both editorial and ML campaigns and Insights into viewer behavior, content understanding and user experience effectiveness.

The ThinkAnalytics real-time content discovery and viewer engagement platform makes extensive use of over 30 AWS cloud-based services such as Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) for high availability and automatic scaling across multiple Availability Zones, Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) for high performance storage scalability and AWS Lambda cost-optimized serverless compute service for ease of management providing zero administration, high consistent performance and scalability; among others, providing the most performant and cost-effective personalization solution on the market today.

The platform learns from viewer behavior on their OTT/pay TV services and stores this data as part of building individual viewer profiles in order to make personalized recommendations back to these viewers. Our solution uses AWS infrastructure to securely and reliably store end-customer data for clients.

Our platform is capable of ingesting content metadata in bulk or incrementally from multiple data sources as well as supporting of streaming/transactional learning from user behaviour on various end user platforms/devices.

The platform supports integration with other systems such as content management systems for content metadata and subscriber management/CRM systems to obtain user details and product and entitlement information. AWS Direct Connect makes it easy to establish a secure dedicated private network connection from your data center or colocation environment to enable secure communications from these systems to the ThinkAnalytics real-time content discovery and viewer engagement platform.

Other integrations include marketing automation systems for outbound email campaigns, and business intelligence/analytics tools to provide business insights on the performance of the overall end to end platform.