Hyper-Targeted Advertising

ThinkAdvertising, a new addressable advertising solution that provides pay-TV and OTT providers with deep insights from rich viewing, behavioral and demographic data, supported by ThinkAnalytics viewer personalization and segmentation models.

By combining data-driven learnings from ThinkAdvertising with their in-house customer and demographic data, TV operators can offer advertisers the ability to target precise consumer segments, creating incremental revenue streams and allowing brands and advertisers to focus on their desired business outcomes.

Building on ThinkAnalytics’ leading position in content discovery and viewer analytics, ThinkAdvertising brings vast opportunities for incremental revenue streams to TV operators.

ThinkAdvertising is available as a standalone solution and can be easily integrated with other analytics platforms and ad decision services, as well also being available as part of the ThinkAnalytics suite – which includes the personalized Content Discovery platform and the real-time analytics platform, ThinkInsight.

ThinkAnalytics offers its advanced AI and machine learning-driven content discovery platform in conjunction with demographic data to deliver richer and more accurate profiling. ThinkAdvertising supports household-level profiling and also builds a detailed picture of individual viewing behavior over time. For example, as well as knowing that someone is a keen baseball and football fan, the system learns which teams, players and competitions they watch, and when they watch. This results in greater personalization and localization.

Far more granular than competitive solutions that focus only on household-level data, ThinkAdvertising lets operators generate a wide mix of individual-level attributes that advertisers can pick and choose from as a basis for affordable, highly targeted, dynamic ad insertion for broadcast and streamed TV.

This lets TV operators optimize the monetization of their ad inventory by offering brands and advertisers a highly targeted audience for effective and affordable ad campaigns. Combining linear and addressable advertising drives even greater campaign impact.

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