Build New Revenue Streams

Optimize the value of your ad inventory by letting brands and advertisers run hyper-targeted, impactful and affordable ad campaigns across broadcast and streamed TV.

Available as a cloud-based managed service, Think360’s ThinkAdvertising is the ultimate addressable advertising solution.

It uses profiling data and intelligence gained from AI and machine learning algorithms to hyper-segment audiences, building a detailed picture of individual-level viewing behavior over time.

These insights can be blended with third-party financial and demographic data and fed into your ad insertion system to help decide on the best ad to serve.

ThinkAdvertising understands moods and emotions inherent in the content, and indicated by viewer behavior, so advertisers can match ads by mood/emotion to elicit a better campaign response.

And our dashboards make it easy for advertisers to drill down through 30,000+ attributes to segment audiences, based on specific characteristics, for an impressive ROI.

In a nutshell, ThinkAdvertising provides advertisers with an affordable way to reach relevant audiences, delivers ads that resonate with viewers, and helps you build new revenue streams.