Increase Viewer Engagement

Our objective is to keep your subscribers engaged and boost retention

Meet our content discovery platform. It draws on over a decade’s worth of expertise in data and information science to personalize each user’s experience using AI, deep learning and best practices.

Personalized recommendations are complemented by intelligent search and navigation, so viewers can find something to watch in a flash.

The results speak for themselves.

Our customers typically see viewing time per subscriber increase by up to 60%, and the number of channels watched increase by up to 35%.

Our platform ticks all the boxes. It works across all TV devices, scales to millions of users in real time, and supports dozens of languages. 

A creative boost for editorial and marketing teams

And these tried and tested tools save you time too.

Our ThinkComposer UX engine lets you create, test, manage and modify use cases and campaigns in minutes.

By combining different recommendation types you can find the perfect blend of personalization, popular content, trends, and editorial control.

The results are available in seconds using our rapid prototyping tool.

And each viewer’s user experience can be updated instantly to drive engagement.

ThinkEditorial gives you complete control over editorial and curated carousels, campaigns and lists.

It lets you apply your own insights and techniques and insert your own content and promotional offers to the pool of content recommended by the content discovery engine.

This is ideal for promoting new TV series and movies, for example, to different audience segments.