ThinkAnalytics accelerates customer acquisition rate and delivers record financial results on the back of significant technology investment


  • Signs 16 new customers including BBC (iPlayer), Denmark Radio, Deutsche Telekom, Discovery Channel, DAZN, NET, TataSky, Telstra and Viacom18
  • Turnover up 40% and profits up 50% aided by new product releases on viewer analytics, loyalty/churn and voice
  • Growth drivers include proven platform scalability and demonstrable ability to boost engagement, loyalty and ARPU
  • Cements position as the leading content discovery platform worldwide.

London and Los Angeles –  5 September 2018 ThinkAnalytics™, the global leader in content discovery and viewer lifecycle management software, today announced record results for the financial year ending 30 June 2018, with turnover up 40% and profits up 50% year on year.

Business highlights include the addition of 16 new customers drawn from all parts of the industry, cementing ThinkAnalytics’ global leadership position. They include: major studios (Discovery Channel), public broadcasters (BBC and Denmark Radio), and pay-TV and OTT providers (Deutsche Telekom, DAZN, NET, TataSky, Telstra and Viacom18).

The drivers behind ThinkAnalytics’ growth include the platform’s proven depth of functionality, and proven scalability with large-scale deployments supporting 10m, 20m and 30m subscribers becoming increasingly common. The platform’s demonstrable ability to drive business and revenues is also a key factor, guaranteeing customers a significant uplift in viewer engagement, loyalty and ARPU.

Building on the company’s 800 man-years of investment in real time machine learning and expertise in information and data science, ThinkAnalytics’ continued investment in R&D and focus on innovation – including AI and deep learning – is also paying dividends as the firm goes mass market. The expanded product portfolio – ThinkBigData viewer analytics platform, ThinkVoice, UI/UX Composer Engine and ThinkEditorial – is gaining strong traction; customers typically add functionality as their business requirements evolve.

ThinkAnalytics now has over 250 million subscribers under contract globally across its  customer base, and the ThinkAnalytics Content Discovery Engine now serves over 3 billion recommendations per day.

“The investments we have made to broaden our product portfolio are paying off, as our latest financial results show. Viewer analytics and audience insight are two areas that perfectly complement our strong content discovery heritage and help customers to become more agile and better drive their business forward. Today this is not just a nice to have but a must have, as the FAANG companies regularly demonstrate. It is all about knowing and managing your customer, your viewer. Our innovations, combined with our ability to scale to tens of millions of viewers, enable our customers to build greater viewer loyalty and revenues, and deliver a better return on their investment,” said Eddie Young, Chairman, ThinkAnalytics.

About ThinkAnalytics

ThinkAnalytics’ flagship solution is the ThinkAnalytics Emmy® award-winning Content Discovery Platform, the most widely deployed real-time, personalized content and recommendations engine worldwide.

More recently, the company has broadened its reach with ThinkInsight, the industry’s first Viewer and Video Insight Platform built specifically to meet the needs of TV operators. ThinkInsight incorporates the ThinkAnalytics Content Discovery Engine, ThinkBigData, ThinkComposer UX engine, ThinkEditorial and ThinkVoice marketing suite of products. It gives TV players a holistic view of their business, with full viewer lifecycle management enabling them to better address key industry KPIs that will help to boost loyalty, ARPU, customer experience and develop new revenue streams.

The company’s customer base of over 80 video service providers serves more than 250 million subscribers worldwide. Customers include: Liberty Global, BBC, Proximus, Cox, Rogers, Sky, Swisscom, Astro, Singtel, TataSky, Viacom18 and Vodafone. The ThinkAnalytics Content Discovery  Engine now serves over 3 billion recommendations per day and is available as a cloud service or on premise.

ThinkAnalytics is a private, employee-owned company with offices in UK, USA, Singapore and India.