ThinkAnalytics Achieves 100 Percent Revenues and Profit Growth in Fiscal Year 2013

Market Share Nearly Doubles to 130 Million Licensed Subscribers


  • 52 operators and broadcasters select ThinkAnalytics search and recommendations platform
  • World’s largest deployed subscriber base: 130 million licensed subscribers and growing
  • Adds support for five new languages, bringing total to 17 languages

LONDON and LOS ANGELES – August 21, 2013

ThinkAnalytics™, the world leader in multiplatform TV search and recommendations, today announced its 2012 momentum is continuing with the close of a record-breaking financial year. The company expanded its customer portfolio to 52 operators worldwide and nearly doubled its licensed subscriber base in 12 months, from 70 to 130 million licenses. The company also saw 100 percent growth in both revenues and profits.

With its expansion into new markets, ThinkAnalytics has introduced support for five new languages this year, bringing the total supported to 17.

As pay-TV operators and broadcasters look to broaden subscribers’ viewing habits to increase loyalty, they are choosing the ThinkAnalytics Recommendations Engine to support both VOD and live EPG recommendations across multiple devices.

Service providers around the world are seeing the benefits of making recommendations a key component of their digital offerings,” said Eddie Young, Chairman ThinkAnalytics. “We think our growth is proving that as recommendations solutions get more and more sophisticated, the value of bringing ten years of real field deployment is very important to our customers as they continue to build the best proven solution for their customers and marketing objectives.

We see a significant lift in VOD and live TV viewership after our recommendations platform is deployed,” said Peter Docherty, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, ThinkAnalytics. “Our service provider customers are given a great deal of flexibility in how the recommendations interface with their customers, 50 percent lift is not unusual, with some operators seeing even higher returns. In the face of competition, operators are using ThinkAnalytics to continually remind their customers of the compelling content that they would be unlikely to discover on their own, and the value of their subscription packages.

Offered as both a traditional, on-premise solution and as a cloud-based service, ThinkAnalytics’ Recommendations Engine enables broadcasters and pay-TV operators to deliver highly personalized TV recommendations that combine multiple sources of data (e.g. linear TV consumption, VOD, DVR, Web, tablets, mobile, social media, etc.) across various devices. ThinkAnalytics’ customers include some of the world’s largest pay-TV service providers in North America and Europe, including: Liberty Global, Cox Communications, BSkyB and Virgin Media.

ThinkAnalytics’ Recommendations Engine was the first to market with proven massively scalable solutions, including:

  • The industry’s most comprehensive intelligent search and recommendations platform, incorporating multiple automated techniques that go beyond collaborative filtering for advanced personalization;
  • Live TV programming recommendations across multiple platforms, including the set-top box and second screens such as Web, mobile, tablets, OTT devices, etc.;
  • Integrating Intelligent Navigation with multiple next-generation TV user interfaces and program guides;
  • Social media interaction with Facebook, Twitter, etc.; and
  • Support for 17 languages.

About ThinkAnalytics

ThinkAnalytics is the leading provider and most widely deployed real-time personalised content and recommendations engine in the market today, bringing together intelligent search with comprehensive media content recommendations. ThinkAnalytics Recommendations Engine broadens customers’ tastes with a unique personalised experience for live linear TV, VOD and over-the-top, delivered through multiple platforms including the set-top box, Web, IPTV, tablet, mobile, and more.

ThinkAnalytics’ technology services more than 130 million subscribers worldwide. ThinkAnalytics is a private, employee-owned company. ThinkAnalytics is jointly headquartered in the US and United Kingdom with offices in London, Glasgow, Paris and Los Angeles, and has partnerships with leading media corporations worldwide. For more information please go to: