Gain Insights and Extract Value

ThinkBigData complements the ThinkAnalytics search and recommendations engine and gives broadcasters and service providers new insights into subscriber behaviour. These can be used to measure business success, as well as for influencing programming, marketing, content buying decisions and pricing.


For too long providers have pushed content out to audiences with only a partial understanding of its value to the viewer and to the business. Now, by using ThinkBigData and taking advantage of the advanced ThinkAnalytics content discovery platform and best practices, operators can transform their data about viewing behaviour and content metadata into useful information aligned to business KPIs.

Visualize User Behaviour

ThinkBigData analyses the plethora of data from multiple sources to measure KPIs and generate actionable data. Sound business decisions can then be made about content upsell, customer satisfaction, content acquisition and scheduling, and how to market services to different audiences.

Measure Success, Build Loyalty

With ThinkBigData, customers can measure factors including: recommendation accessibility, the quality of recommendations, search quality, content discovery, and viewer engagement. This helps to drive content upsell, improve subscriber satisfaction and loyalty, and influence other key business drivers.