Think Metadata

Understanding your Content

In the world of broadcast TV there can be upwards of 100,000 content items available within a 7-day window, content moves constantly and new content never been seen before are added. Keeping up with these new content items using manual classification or external services is not only cumbersome but can lead to inconsistency, ambiguity and missed viewing opportunities for your customers especially for content that is either big-budget or destined for prime-time this is why the ThinkAnalytics Recommendations Engine has always included a powerful fully automated Metadata Enrichment capability.

Organizing content by basic genre, actor, director categories is simply not detailed enough to really understand what a content is all about. As most pieces of content are traditionally categorized within a single genre ThinkAnalytics have always understood that content can span not only across multiple genre/sub-genres but better still more descriptive moods that capture the intricate nuances of the show.

Intelligent Content Enrichment

Intelligent Content Enrichment ThinkMetadata is not a one-off/static catalogue – the powerful automation capabilities of ThinkAnalytics technology enables this process to be an on-going one, with new and updated catalogues made available by ThinkAnalytics on a regular basis to ensure the catalogue is always up-to-date. The system indexes each content automatically using the analytics capabilities of the ThinkAnalytics engine, enforcing consistency across multiple sources, but taking advantage of the best of each. ThinkMetadata seamlessly integrates with the existing proprietary taxonomy for content classification provided by the ThinkAnalytics Recommendations Engine. This ensures that multiple perspectives are taken into account while maintaining a consistent set of tags/moods/features that are also a key feature of high quality recommendations and customer preference understanding.