Think Recommendations

A World of Content

In today’s content-rich world, consumers are overwhelmed by the choice available to them on TV, Video on Demand, etc. Initially this is exciting for the new consumer, but it rapidly becomes an irritating experience as, each time, they click through channel-after-channel on the EPG or wander through the VOD library.

The result – people stick to watching what they already know, and after a while begin to question whether they are getting value for their subscription money. In this situation customer retention becomes a problem, and raising ARPU similarly challenging. The fact is consumers cannot select what they don’t know. Intelligent Navigation powered by personalized Recommendations solves this problem, thereby improving retention and raising ARPU.

The ThinkAnalytics Search and Recommendations Engine uses proprietary advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to provide a powerful, scalable, real-time and comprehensive multi-content/multi-platform Recommendations Engine supporting across content delivery of recommendations and search to multiple platforms such as the set top box, mobile, web, smart TV, games consoles, and others.

Enabling Discovery & Broadening Taste

Exposing customers to a wider range of content allows you to improve customer retention and grow ARPU. ThinkAnalytics engine powers content discovery and recommendation personalisation – providing measurable impact on viewing behaviour. Results reveal that after deploying ThinkAnalytics across millions of households, the amount of viewing time per subscriber increases by up to 50%. In parallel, the number of channels the average subscriber watched increased by up to 35%

Metadata Enrichment to Understand Content

ThinkAnalytics has considerable experience working with major and regional metadata providers worldwide. Our Recommendations Engine metadata enrichment process supports 40 languages and enables automatic classification of your content, meaning that you can benefit from no ongoing fees for external manual classification services. Syndicated programs can be automatically classified in a consistent manner and one-off programs are also easily classified, in addition to your ability to retain editorial control of the automated classifications.


Business Rules control Marketing Bias

Flexible Business Rules give you control over your operational analytics environment, allowing business and customer centric rules to be captured, managed and applied both online and in batch. This ensures the system can balance strong consumer centric objectives with those of the business’s marketing objectives. The ThinkAnalytics Recommendations engine provides prioritisation of content through the use of the fully flexible Business Rules Management System. The flexible business rules engine can be used to define a variety of rules to filter, prioritise, and promote as required.