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It’s all about increasing engagement and customer value.


Transform viewing data into valuable target audiences

Think Discovery

Personalize user experience using advanced AI

ThinkContent Valuation

Understand the P&L value of on-screen content


Identify churn triggers and propensities


Complete control over editorial carousels & campaigns

ThinkOpen Integration

Integrate external algorithms into Content Discovery


Create, A/B test, manage and modify use cases and campaigns in minutes


Real-time analytics platform

Advanced Search

Multi-language search capability at scale

Metadata Curation & Enrichment

Automatic enrichment for better discovery in dozens of languages

8 billion+ Recommendations Per Day

1 Billion+ Devices


475 Million Viewers

43 Languages


Increase in Engagement from Discovery


Increased Plays from Search


Increase in VOD consumption


Increased number of linear TV hours watched


Increase in average number of channels watched


Increase in show viewed

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“We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service in order to provide the best streaming experiences possible. With Think360 we will achieve these goals by giving subscribers a personalized user experience with seamless search and discovery across our own content and third party services.”

William Sharp, Chief Technology Officer at Intigral

To stay ahead of the game, we need new ways to improve our service, delight with our customer experience and ultimately to better monetise our content. We selected ThinkAnalytics as our partner for its best-of-breed recommendations engine and analytics, as well as the company’s experience in the industry.”

Natasha Matos-Hemingway, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer (VOD) at MBC GROUP

“ThinkAnalytics has been an excellent partner for building Search/Recommendation feature on our OTT Platform. They provided an out of box solution … to improve our engagement on search by over 300%. In 2 months that we are in production with ThinkAnalytics platform, the entire systems are deployed in AWS with 100% availability with zero production issues. Their support in operations is excellent.”

“ThinkAnalytics is a great vendor/partner. They take the time to understand the business problems necessary to be solved. They provide industry insights based on the breadth of experience they have obtained over the years. They work in a very agile manner, delivering value in small increments, then using data to adjust. Their customer support from both the sales and engineering side is unparalleled. The vendor post-sales continues to meet to discuss technical enhancements to the platform.”

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