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It’s all about Engagement, Measurement, Increasing Loyalty and Reducing Churn

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ThinkAnalytics powers the world’s largest studios, broadcasters, distributors and media platforms with our Viewer Engagement Platform maximizing engagement, value and loyalty.

Our award-winning proprietary machine learning and AI technology powers content discovery, navigation, search & personalization seamlessly across all devices.

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We have the experience, expertise and knowledge to transform your entertainment platform by accelerating engagement, increasing loyalty and improving ROI through innovations in user experience, personalized content discovery and viewer insight.


Driving engagement through discovery


Increase in shows viewed


Increase in VOD consumption


Increased number of linear TV hours watched


Increase in average number of channels watched


Increased Plays from Searches

Our scalable Viewer Engagement Platform helps you value, predict, recommend and deliver content

Personalized Content Discovery

20+ intelligent discovery techniques for personalization, search, UI/UX personalization, content discovery, serendipity, diversity and comfort…

AI Metadata Enrichment

Gain competitive advantage through comprehensive AI understanding and automatic enrichment of metadata enabling better discovery, personalization…

Real-Time Viewer Insight

Delivering key insights and actionable information focusing on KPIs and business drivers, enabling operators to make more informed decisions…

Churn Detection & Analysis

AI and machine learning algorithms to predict and identify viewers at high risk of churning…

Hyper-Targeted Advertising

Powered by our personalization and segmentation models, ThinkAdvertising provides greater granularity of viewing behavior intelligence allowing operators to pull a variety of individual- level attributes for advertisers to select from – ultimately meaning more highly-targeted dynamic ad insertion capabilities for broadcast and streamed TV.

What Our Customers Say

“ThinkAnalytics is a great vendor/partner. They take the time to understand the business problems necessary to be solved. They provide industry insights based on the breadth of experience they have obtained over the years. They work in a very agile manner, delivering value in small increments, then using data to adjust. Their customer support from both the sales and engineering side is unparalleled. The vendor post-sales continues to meet to discuss technical enhancements to the platform.”

OTT Provider

“…we rely on the availability, scalability, and cost predictability of the underlying infrastructure. The success of an efficient public cloud implementation is defined by mastering these parameters. ThinkAnalytics proved to be an excelling partner to reach these goals.”

Pay-TV Provider

“ThinkAnalytics has been an excellent partner for building Search/Recommendation feature on our OTT Platform. They provided an out of box solution … to improve our engagement on search by over 300%. In 2 months that we are in production with ThinkAnalytics platform, the entire systems are deployed in AWS with 100% availability with zero production issues. Their support in operations is excellent.”

OTT Provider

“Great communication throughout the whole company, from the very top bosses to the regional teams. It’s a great product and has so many benefits to us as a company, our viewership has never been so high and ThinkAnalytics is a major reason why. Would highly recommend ThinkAnalytics to any content provider looking to personalize their content offering.”

Pay-TV Provider

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