Intelligent Channel Creation

ThinkAnalytics’ FAST Scheduling solution seamlessly creates new channels from your existing content libraries.

Using advanced content understanding techniques, ThinkFAST creates thematic and genre-based channels that resonate with your audience’s interests and preferences.

Our automated channel creation solution creates channels proven to drive engagement and increase advertising revenues. ThinkFAST reduces time to market to launch FAST channels by removing the human in the loop and automates channel creation. It is integrated with Think360’s first party viewing data to optimize channel schedules.

Revolutionize Channel Scheduling

Utilize ThinkAnalytics’ patented deep content understanding to create captivating thematic channels that drive engagement and reduce churn.

Unlock Revenue Potential

Leverage intelligent schedules and first-person viewing behavior to create channels that align with audience interests, increasing engagement and advertising revenue.

Rapid Time to Market

Our solution’s integration with AWS MediaTailor allows operators to accelerate scheduling and deploy channels with ease, while benefiting from huge reductions in infrastructure and labor costs.

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