Intelligent Channel Creation

ThinkAnalytics’ FAST Scheduling solution seamlessly creates new channels from your existing content libraries. Using ThinkAnalytics’ advanced content understanding techniques, thematic and genre-based channels are created that resonate with your audience’s interests and preferences.


Our automated channel creation solution built using our content understanding AI services creates channels proven to drive engagement and increase advertising revenues. ThinkFAST reduces time to market to launch FAST channels by reducing the human in the loop from channel creation.

What can ThinkFAST do for you?

Efficiency and Cost Savings

ThinkFAST streamlines the labor-intensive process of curating and scheduling FAST channels, leading to substantial time and cost savings.

Intelligent Content Curation and Scheduling

AI-powered recommendations in near real-time provide the optimal number of channels across 1000’s of titles in the content catalogue. Intelligent scheduling for channel programming with dayparting incorporated.

Content Refresh Management

Simplify complex monthly channel content refresh strategies by running scheduled assessments. It identifies and integrates new content seamlessly into existing channels.

Benefit from automatic insights for new channel creation opportunities based on the latest available content.

Channel Optimization

ThinkFAST recommends comprehensive channels and identify scenarios where deploying full channels may not be feasible.

Prioritize the use of available content and proposes strategies for developing extensive channel offerings.

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