Ensure your TV strategies are in-tune with your customer behaviours and needs

  • Better understand drivers of content engagement to improve retention

  • Quickly analyse user consumption behaviour with automated trend analysis

  • Understand the viewing proportions and diversity of linear and VoD libraries

  • Increase viewing consumption through an agile understanding of recommendations performance

  • Full A/B testing support to measure effectiveness of changes

  • Real-time dashboards make it easy to visualize results and align to KPIs

TV is a multi-platform connected world with a dramatic growth in viewer appetite to consume ever more content whenever and wherever they want across multiple devices. Consequently, it has become imperative to understand viewer personal preferences at a more granular level and to react accordingly, with the right strategies deployed at speed.

The ThinkInsight platform easily integrates with large and complex viewing and content data sets and helps unlock the hidden opportunities for improvements in viewer engagement and consumption, surfacing insightful, timely intelligence through advanced analytics and dashboards.

With ThinkInsight, service providers and broadcasters have a powerful tool that can drill down into enormous viewing and content data sets and derive valuable insights and accurate measurement that transform decision making processes across editorial, marketing, programing and operations.

Driving actionable intelligence

ThinkInsight provides deep insights into viewer behaviour, providing actionable real-time intelligence to drive improved performance for TV operators across a range of activities:

  • Monitoring on-screen performance

  • Informing programming

  • Refining marketing strategies

  • Driving content upsell

  • Improving customer experience and satisfaction

  • Content acquisition and scheduling

  • Marketing services to different audiences

  • Developing new revenue opportunities

Enables a powerful set of dashboards to manage performance

ThinkInsight is fully integrated with ThinkDiscovery and deliver a vast array of business focused dashboards and KPIs, key features include:

  • Content Engagement

  • Content Upsell

  • Content Discovery

  • Advanced Search

  • Automated Trend Analysis & Audience Behaviors

  • Catalog Consumption

  • Content sources, Channels & Genres

  • Recommendation types

  • Full A/B testing support to measure effectiveness of changes


    • Understand UI/UX effectiveness in driving viewer engagement

    • Gain insights that enhance content discovery to increase engagement and drive viewing

    • Inform, create and implement strategies that increase retention and reduce churn

    • Deeper understanding of your customers interests to develop better content, product or package upsell strategies

    • Content performance metrics to help maximize under-utilized assets

    • Provide new revenue opportunities by identifying marketable or niche segments

    • Identify opportunities for improvements in customer experience and satisfaction

    • Improve content acquisition & scheduling decisions that match the interests and demands of your customers enabling better economic content purchasing decisions

Want to discover the hidden opportunities in your viewing data?