Content Metadata

ThinkAnalytics’ Content Metadata Services analyze your metadata to provide specific optimization guidance that improves your service’s content discovery features and other data-driven organizational needs. We specialize in video, images, articles, content-based merchandise, and game content.


ThinkAnalytics’ Content Metadata Services analyze your metadata to provide specific optimization guidance that improves your service’s content discovery features and other data-driven organizational needs. We specialize in video, images, articles, content-based merchandise, and game content.

What can ThinkAnalytics’ Content Metadata Services do for you?

Drive engagement and reduce churn through optimizing and unlocking content search and personalization features.


    • Standardize data across your organization
    • Optimize data-driven decisioning
Consultancy - Analyze Current Metadata

Provide detailed analysis report and workshop against your metadata. Identify issues with fields and rank by criticality to your business. Lists of impacted assets. Recommendations to improve tied to tangible outcomes.

Staff Augmentation

Information Scientists doing “hands-on” work as an extension to your team. Services can include executing the correction of specific issues, improvement of metadata state, shaping metadata into usable models, training staff, and supplying playbooks, documentation and data dictionaries.

Additionally, we can evaluate and optimize processes, operational monitoring, data modelling and governance. Finally, we can provide a strategic roadmap and project plan for metadata optimization activities prioritized by specific outcomes, use cases, and criticality of issues.

Tagging Services

Co-own best in class enriched metadata (per title). Specialization in handling regional titles, originals, collections, and yet-to-be-released titles.


  • Optimize 1P metadata quality
  • Fully operationalize your metadata sources
  • Unlock key product features on your roadmap
  • Enhance your current product features
  • Robust inputs for business intelligence, reporting, marketing, promotion, ad sales, licensing and acquisitions, content strategy, curation, etc.
  • Build up internal self-reliance to empower you to own your metadata destiny


ThinkAnalytics FAST Professional Services are designed to maximize ROI and unlock additional advertising revenue. This is achieved through providing services on top of our patented deep content understanding and first-party data utilization that create captivating thematic channels aligned with audience interests. ThinkAnalytics FAST Professional Services ensures that the channel launch is the beginning not the end of your FAST success through intelligent management of your phased rollout and maintenance strategy.


Speed, Cost, and Quality of Execution

  • Difficult to execute rapidly in a space where speed wins
  • Challenging to control costs to realize healthy margins
  • Challenging to compete for eyeballs with low-quality curated channels as premium content pushes out low-performers
  • Necessary to adopt an ideal AI solution and expertise to execute at speed, and control costs, while maintaining the quality necessary to maximize success

ThinkAnalytics has a unique position to deliver high-quality FAST channels as the independent leader in AI/ML techniques that have queried content catalogs to pull together metadata-based content collections billions of times across 100+ service deployments.

ThinkAnalytics will leverage its 3 million pre-processed unique local and global titles. Titles in the ThinkAnalytics database have industry-leading metadata quality refined over 200 catalog metadata optimizations and powered by our controlled vocabulary of 40,000 tags/facets.

What can ThinkAnalytics’ FAST Professional Services do for you?

Enable rapid FAST channel optimization and continued creation in a space where speed wins.

Delivery compelling channels that will be optimized to compete for engagement in a crowded FAST space.

Leverage AI to control costs, and execute at speed, while maintaining the quality necessary to maximize success.

    Advanced Channel Grooming and Scheduling

    Provide subject matter experts to groom automated thematic channels to provide market-differentiating experiences. Leverage first-party data to optimize schedule channels by time-of-day patterns. Ensure licensing windows and compliance rules are enforced. Rank staged channels by viewer engagement. Suggest best-in-class channel selection for phased rollout.

    Advanced-Data Clustering and Modeling

    Leverage data scientists to deliver channels based on viewer clusters combined with sophisticated content similarity models.

    Data-Driven Optimization & Updates

    Launch, measure, and optimize.

    Catalogs and viewer interests change with time. To solve this challenge we will provide recurring reviews to present new channels that will refine your phased channel launch plan.

    Additionally, we will provide data-driven recommendations to manage catalog title drops/additions, licensing changes, and changing viewer interests to continuously optimize your in-market channels ensuring titles are optimally assigned to channels beyond launch.

    Provide robust channel performance reporting, catalog performance, and actionable insights to ensure maximum ROI.

    Amazon Personalize

    Amazon Personalize provides excellent technology to accelerate your discovery roadmap. ThinkAnalytics Personalize Professional Services enables you to optimally take advantage of this technology through expertise in use case construction while expediting time to market.


    Only 10% of respondents in a recent survey said recommendations from big streaming services consistently match their interests. Although the technology is readily available, the subject matter expertise to take a set of algorithms and convert them into an operationalized solution is limited.

    As the world leader in independent AI-based content discovery and viewer analytics, ThinkAnalytics is best equipped to operationalize your investment in Amazon Personalize.

    Take advantage of ThinkAnalytics’ distilled best practices from launching thousands of personalization use cases and refining their configurations through continual data analysis.  These best practices have provided our customers engagement successes such as a 20% lift on plays per user or a 350% increase in title-level viewership.

    ThinkAnalytics works with satellite/telco STBs, SVOD/AVOD streamers, sports services, news articles, content-based eCommerce, games, and cross-content super aggregators. Global expertise supporting 43 languages.

    What can ThinkAnalytics’ Amazon Personalize Services do for you?

    Provide technical integration work based on a unique combination of expertise in Amazon Personalize, AWS services in general as an AWS Advanced Tier Service Partner, and working on dozens of recommendation services’ tech stacks.

    Ensure an optimized and expedited launch of Amazon Personalize.

    Suggest a market-proven phased approach to maximize discovery success.

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