Accelerate Viewer Engagement with world-leading AI-driven Personalized Content Discovery

AI content discovery solution delivers over 8 billion recommendations per day

Supports super-aggregation at massive scale across live, VOD, catchup, FAST & OTT

Personalizes each user’s experience using AI, deep learning and enriched metadata

Increases user viewing time and boosts advertising revenues

Significantly improves subscriber engagement and reduces churn

Hundreds of millions of users across all TV devices with 43 languages supported

ThinkAnalytics is the world’s most deployed content discovery platform, with over 85+ tier 1 customer deployments.

We power the world’s largest studios, broadcasters, distributors and media platforms with our Think360 viewer engagement platform, maximising engagement, value and loyalty.

Our Emmy© award-winning proprietary machine learning and AI technology powers content discovery, navigation, search and personalization seamlessly across all devices.

TV service providers can boost viewer engagement with AI driven content discovery, offering subscribers a fantastic experience across all TV, catch up, FAST and streaming services in a one-stop shop.


60% increase in viewing time per subscriber

35% increase in number of channels watched

Dramatically increases VOD consumption

Elevates less popular titles in the catalogue

Higher viewing minutes and engagement delivers better advertising revenues