Accelerate Viewer Engagement with world-leading AI-driven Personalized Content Discovery

  • Our content discovery solutions deliver over 7 billion recommendations per day

  • Personalizes each user’s experience using AI, deep learning and enriched metadata

  • Hundreds of millions of users across all TV devices with 43 languages supported

  • Significantly improves subscriber engagement and reduces churn

  • Supports super-aggregation at massive scale across live, VOD, catchup, FAST & OTT

  • Increases user viewing time and boosts advertising revenues

  • Also supports non-video content such as news, radio, games, etc

Million Viewers

Billion Recommendations per Day

Billion Devices

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ThinkAnalytics is the world’s most deployed third-party content discovery platform, with over 80 tier 1 customer deployments.

We power the world’s largest studios, broadcasters, distributors and media platforms with our Think360 viewer engagement platform, maximising engagement, value and loyalty.

Our Emmy© award-winning proprietary machine learning and AI technology powers content discovery, navigation, search and personalization seamlessly across all devices.

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We have the experience, expertise and knowledge to transform your entertainment platform by accelerating engagement, increasing loyalty and improving ROI through innovations in user experience, personalized content discovery and viewer insight.


Increase in Engagement from Discovery


Increased Plays from Search


Increase in VOD consumption


Increased number of linear TV hours watched


Increase in average number of channels watched


Increase in show viewed

Super-size with super-aggregation content discovery success

TV service providers can boost viewer engagement with the establishment of super-aggregation, offering subscribers a fantastic experience across all TV, catch up, FAST and streaming services in a one-stop shop.

Key to a successful super-aggregation service is the need to shield viewers from the siloed and complex underbelly of multiple content sources and catalogues so that they can quickly discover compelling content to watch. For this to work, providers need massive scalability in the cloud, operational efficiencies to control cloud costs, and a frictionless way to discover content across vast and growing catalogues of previously siloed content.

The Think360 content discovery platform is architected for the cloud era and is the first solution with the massive scalability required to power personalized recommendations and universal search across massive video and non-video sources and in multiple languages. Think360 is the first offering to break through this barrier.

With cloud-native technologies and AI/ML algorithms and techniques designed to support cross-catalogue recommendations, Think360 makes intelligent search and personalized recommendations far more scalable in the cloud than was previously possible. As content catalogues continue to multiply, scalability becomes critical and, using AI to predict loads, Think360 can auto-scale in advance of peak viewing periods to support hundreds of millions of viewers.

This scalability breakthrough means that service providers can now offer super-aggregation services powered by personalized recommendations and universal search, across many siloed home-grown and third-party OTT apps, as well as linear, VOD, catch-up, FAST and DVR content (both STB and cloud recordings), and in multiple languages.

The platform supports:

    • A huge variety of content types and categorizes content across all catalogues consistently

    • Ingestion and delivery of recommendations and search across multiple catalogues

    • Learning from viewing across catalogues to build a single 360-degree viewer profile

    • Use cases that can mix and match which catalogues the recommendations are from

    • Many different recommendation techniques to drive unlimited UIs and viewer experiences

Think360 powers super-aggregation services in multiple languages, providing personalized recommendations and universal search.

Supersize with super-aggregation

Hyper-personalisation of images as standard

Movies and series have multiple plots and sub plots running through them. As content increasingly has multiple images that convey different aspects of a program, it becomes important to ensure that the best and most relevant image is presented to the viewer, maximizing the investment in personalized image inventory.

ThinkAnalytics uses advanced AI techniques to select the best image to display for each viewer. It works with all sources of content images.

Our clients using this capability have produced additional uplifts in the range of 10-20%.


    • Increase viewing time per subscriber – typically up to 60% higher

    • Increase number of channels watched – typically up to 35% higher

    • Significantly improves subscriber engagement and reduces churn

    • Dramatically increases VOD consumption

    • Elevates less popular titles in the catalogue

    • Higher viewing minutes and engagement delivers better advertising revenues