Content-Based Behavioral Audiences at Scale

Want to unlock the value of your inventory?
Meet ThinkAdvertising by ThinkAnalytics

ThinkAnalytics employs advanced AI models that leverage first-party viewing data to generate and activate targeted audience segments at scale.

Unleash Revenue Potential

Transform real-time, aggregated, anonymized 1P viewing data into valuable and highly targeted audiences that increase yield and revenue.

Deliver Advanced Addressability

Bring the power of digital and advanced audience targeting to TV with granular and high-value audience data to advertisers. 

Enable Cross-Media Audience Segments

Create audience segments that span multiple platforms, enabling effective targeting across various media channels.

Manage Data Efficiently

Streamline data processing and management, ensuring compliance with identity and privacy regulations in a post-cookie, regulated world.

ThinkAdvertising leverages the world’s largest audience viewership data so you can understand how consumers engage with video content today

What Sets ThinkAdvertising Apart

Unrivaled Data Advantage

With the world’s largest data set of over 470 million real time viewers and 20+ years of advanced AI machine learning across 47 languages, we bring unmatched machine learning with global perspective and viewership insight.

Advanced AI

ThinkAdvertising utilizes proprietary advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to process billions of viewing behaviors, transforming them into actionable audiences and affinity categories, plus household composition data.

Trusted Data Privacy

As an EU-founded company, we adhere to the highest standards for data and identity privacy, ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations.

Unlock the Full Potential of your audiences with ThinkAdvertising

Real-Time Processing

ThinkAdvertising is based on real-time data, providing the most up to date and accurate audience data reflecting real-time viewership behaviors and predicting intention to purchase.

Proven Success

Trusted by global TV leaders, we bring a track record of delivering results and enhancing revenue for TV operators worldwide.