You Are What You Watch

Unlock the potential of your viewing data to increase advertising revenues using hyper-targeted contextual advertising

ThinkAdvertising is an out-of-the box, automated solution that speedily transforms raw viewing data into international standard internet audiences. Enabling TV to offer the same huge range of Affinity Categories available in the digital world.

Transform your first-party data into valuable and saleable audiences and boost revenue

Enable cross-media campaigning with TV audience attributes aligned to those in Digital channels

Personalizes each user’s experience using AI, deep learninIncrease spend from existing advertisers by increasing reach into light viewing audiencesg and enriched metadata

Significantly improve viewer identification in a post-cookie, GDPR-regulated world

Attract new-to-TV advertiser spend to your platform with hyper-targeting capabilities

Automate the operation and maintenance of a large, dynamic set of targeting attributes

Take your advertising targeting to the next level and increase revenue

Realise the benefits of increased Ad revenue and faster ROI

Deliver more advertising spend from existing and new advertisers

Increase your platform attractiveness and spend by offering premium standardised attributes

  • Enable your advertisers to buy the same audiences on digital and TV, aligned to digital (IAB) standard

  • More accurate and up-to-date than basic 3rd party data

  • Large Advertisers will spend more to increase Reach when you offer improved targeting, especially to light viewers

  • Identify consumer purchase intent through behavioral triggers

  • Improve Advertising CPMs

  • Deliver more relevant advertising for better viewer engagement

Attract new-to-TV advertisers to your platform with hyper targeting capabilities

  • Offer the opportunity for niche Advertisers to move into TV on your platform without undue wastage and better ROI

  • Enable SME advertisers to be able to use the richness and power of TV for their specific target market at affordable rates

  • Significantly increase your Advertiser Total Available Market

Drive profitable operational targeting performance improvements

  • Create & manage a large set of attributes faster & less costly than using conventional in-house analytics teams & tools

  • Enjoy cost savings from reduced 3rd party data spend

  • Improve audience prediction for better Ad optimisation

Want to learn how to increase your advertising revenues using hyper-targeting?

Advanced affinity targeting delivers proven campaign performance uplifts

Deploying ThinkAdvertising demonstrates improved engagement with significantly increased response and purchase rates

Case Study


European Pay-TV operator


Increase product purchases and video views from campaigns


ThinkAdvertising audience affinity segments, generated from first party viewing data, used to dynamically target the best audience for each campaign


Increase in click-through rates of 10x and a 27x increase in product purchase



Video Completion