Enable product, editorial and marketing teams to rapidly create, test and deploy recommendation use cases and user experiences

Create, A/B test for continuous improvement, manage and modify use cases and campaigns in minutes

Rapid prototyping tool delivers results in seconds

Find the perfect blend of personalization, popular content, trends & editorial 

Combine different recommendation types

Enables business users to make dynamic changes with no IT project required

Enables viewer user experience to be updated instantly to drive engagement

ThinkUX is a unified engine giving you the controls to manage, modify and add APIs and use cases to enable powerful new user experiences. What took weeks or months for middleware or IT resources to fulfil a change request can now happen within minutes.

ThinkUX allows product teams to create, modify, manage and publish new use cases in minutes.

The interface enables the combination of different recommendation types including editorial lists, managing slots & carousel orders, manage campaigns, search results, and more, and then push/publish quickly & easily.

 Providing the perfect blend of personalisation, popular content, trends, and editorial control.

The results of any new use cases or changes to exiting use cases can be seen within seconds using the rapid prototyping tool and measured through A/B testing with ThinkInsight.

ThinkUX allows business owners to harness the power of the technology and apply their own unique insights, controlling the content the recommendations can be generated from, promotional offers and the techniques to be used – all from a user-friendly interface.

Designed for rapid use case development, testing and deployment

ThinkUX gives non-technical users the power to rapidly create, change, test, deploy  and  measure  search, recommendations and editorial use cases.

It’s just as easy when it comes to deployment. A tested use case can be submitted to production and become effective within minutes. No need to restart infrastructure or wait for time consuming and expensive changes to middleware.

The results of changes can be immediately quantified and tested against other use cases.


  • Significantly reduces deployment time for new use cases and user experiences
  • Enables rapid test-and-learn for continuous improvement
  • Puts the business user in complete control