Unleash the power of your editorial creative to elevate content engagement strategies

  • Create editorial content promotions to maximise performance

  • Enjoy complete control over editorial and curated carousels, campaigns and lists

  • Apply your own insights, content and promotional offers to the pool of content recommended by the content discovery engine

  • User friendly drag-and-drop interface

ThinkEditorial provides an easy-to-use interface for campaign control allowing editorial and marketing teams to create, modify, manage and publish editorial/curated carousels, campaigns and lists via search and drag and drop.

Content discovery & recommendations should not purely be the domain of algorithms. We believe in the added value of creative input from editorial teams and ThinkEditorial allows editorial & marketing teams to harness the power of technology and apply their own unique insights, controlling the content that generates recommendations and managing promotional offers.

Designed with editors in mind the interface provides at-a-glance information support, helping editors understand the status of active, expired or pending campaigns and also assets within campaigns.

The easy and intuitive interface provides full management of campaigns including campaign activation with optional blackout periods, descriptions and rules based on many conditions that can be combined such as time-zones, language, age, time of day, targeting specific customer segments and many others.

Add new assets and data. Edit editorial existing assets to add additional information, promote specific series, season & episodes and mark assets as editorial for editorial recommendation.

Configure and schedule campaigns for publication to the ThinkAnalytics Search and Recommendations Engine. Once published the engine can activate campaigns based on the defined validity criteria and sorted in the order defined within the campaign, a user’s personal preferences or by a custom sort order.

Campaigns can also incorporate additional filters including entitlement, device, classification, region, language, as well as applying business rules.



    • View, edit and copy campaigns

    • Add new assets using content source search and drag & drop

    • Re-order assets by drag & drop

    • Scroll through campaign carousel and view the status of each asset

    • Copy & paste of titles for editorial promotions

    • Full user rights access control


    • Facilitates push-campaigns to prioritise and promote operator-selected content

    • Enables the effective promotion of new content differentially to audience segments for greater relevancy

    • Rapid and cost-effective capability – business users can create and deploy content promotions with no dependency on technical support

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