Enable superior content discovery and personalization for your viewers with the world’s most advanced multi-language content metadata enrichment

  • Highly enriched content data to drive increased accuracy of recommendations and viewer engagement

  • Each title automatically enriched, identifying its features and capturing the essence of the content

  • Aggregates, organises & ensures consistency of various metadata sources

  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing proprietary taxonomy for content classification

  •  Automates your metadata enrichment, available in 43 languages

  • ThinkMovies and ThinkTV augment your metadata with our additional automated huge data set of keywords, tags and features

  • Expert curation services for premium metadata enrichment

  • Complete control over editorial and curated carousels, campaigns & lists

  • Apply your own insights, content and promotional offers to the pool of content recommended by the content discovery engine

  • User friendly drag-and-drop interface

Quality and consistency of metadata is essential to ensure the highest quality of recommendations output and a content discovery capability that truly meets the needs of the modern TV viewer.

By understanding your content better, you can ensure your viewers never miss the chance to watch those important big-budget and prime- time programs as well as any unusual long-tail content that matches their interests.

ThinkMetadata Factory – automated generation of keywords and tags


The Think360 automated ThinkMetadata Factory solution enriches metadata for better discovery in 43 languages. Because it keeps on top of the ever-changing content, there is no need to resort to time-consuming manual classification or rely on basic third-party services.


Our solution applies AI and machine learning to generate multi-dimensional tags that define and explain the DNA of each asset at a granular level – for example, the different elements of a plot, narrative styles, formats and moods.

ThinkMovies and ThinkTV – powerful automated metadata enrichment for superior content discovery

ThinkMovies and ThinkTV provide a huge catalog of over two million titles that come pre-classified with enriched metadata keywords, tags and features. Each title has metadata tags to better describe features that captures the essence of the content.

These content features are created automatically using the power of the ThinkAnalytics Search and Recommendations Engine, which processes multiple metadata sources to intelligently extract, index and curate meaningful metadata, enforcing consistency across the multiple sources and taking advantage of the best of each.

ThinkMetadata seamlessly integrates with your existing proprietary taxonomy for content classification ensuring that multiple perspectives are considered while maintaining a consistent set of tags and features that are essential for high quality recommendations and customer preference understanding.

Premium Curation Services

In addition to our automated solutions, ThinkAnalytics offers a bespoke curation service, providing TV operators with premium quality metadata to further elevate their content discovery capability. Our expert information scientists can augment catalogs to improve titles’ descriptive depth and boost discoverability, whatever the metadata source. Our experienced team can also help you merge third-party metadata and pinpoint any gaps, errors and inconsistencies.



  • Enables better discovery, personalization and improved revenues through the deployment of a comprehensive understanding of content

  • Significantly improves recommendations quality, driving higher customer engagement and significant business benefits

  • Saves costs of manual classification and third-party services

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