Knowing the ‘What’ and the ‘Why’ of Personalization

September 9, 2020

Learn how personalization can become more powerful and can deliver real and measurable returns to OTT providers with Firstlight Media’s André Christensen, ThinkAnalytics’ Gabriel Berger and Colin Dixon of nScreenMedia

In the increasingly crowded OTT field, offering differentiating personalized experiences is becoming more and more important. To drive viewer loyalty and monetization video providers need to look past the basics of recommendations – such as genres, actors, and categories – and understand the deeper instincts that motivate selection of one title over another. This session will feature discussion of the current state of personalization and how it is being used by consumers, as well as market intelligence on what the video provider community is seeking. The session will focus on new personalization paradigms that harness richer sets of metadata to marry personalization against any number of defined or customized use cases that enhance content discovery and drive user engagement.