ThinkAnalytics to power personalisation, drive engagement and increase monetisation on mewatch

April 25, 2023

London & Singapore, 25 April, 2023 –– ThinkAnalytics today announced that Mediacorp, Singapore’s largest content creator and national media network, has selected the Think360 personalised content discovery and viewer engagement platform for mewatch its OTT streaming service. This will support Mediacorp’s strategy to drive viewer engagement by offering viewers personalised and relevant content from its rapidly growing content library, with support for Chinese, English, Malay and Tamil content.

Increasing video views, viewing times and driving return visits are key benefits that Think360 brings to mewatch. Personalising experiences dramatically affects how much content viewers watch, their perceived value of the service and increases monetisation opportunities.

ThinkAnalytics is providing a fully managed service running on AWS for mewatch, delivering personalised live and on-demand entertainment, sports and news content across multiple platforms and devices. Think360 was selected because of its breadth of personalisation capabilities, support for multiple languages, recommendations and content intelligence, plus speed to market. As a trusted partner with relevant expertise and experience, ThinkAnalytics is well positioned to support mewatch in driving user experience and viewer engagement across its state-of-the-art OTT platform. Samuel Sweet, CEO International at ThinkAnalytics, added, “ThinkAnalytics are extremely proud to work with Mediacorp and bring the most comprehensive and engaging experiences for its millions of users. Think360 guarantees a unified, personalised experience across all screens making it easy to find content from one of the region’s largest content creators.”

About ThinkAnalytics
Think360 is the leading content discovery and viewer analytics solution worldwide, enabling video service providers, studios, broadcasters and media companies to deliver personalized experiences to their customers resulting in significant uplift in viewer engagement, loyalty and ARPU. ThinkAnalytics delivers content discovery and viewer insights to over 80 service providers serving approximately 450 million subscribers in 43 languages with 7 billion recommendations per day, making the company the largest independent content discovery platform worldwide.
Customers include: Liberty Global, Deutsche Telekom, HBO Max, DirecTV Latin America, Vodafone, Proximus, Rogers, Tata Play, Astro, MBC, and OSN.