Webinar: Navigation in the age of Super Aggregators

December 9, 2020

Our webinar featuring Peter Docherty, Founder & CTO, ThinkAnalytics, Tony Mooney SVP, Advertising, ThinkAnalytics and Julian Clover, Editor, Broadband TV News is now available to view online here.

Our engagement economy demands that we keep our viewers, our consumers, loyal and hungry for more of what we offer. Never has it been so easy to sign up to a new content service, but also to churn away from our current services.

So what makes a video service successful? Why will viewers keep coming back to engage, watch and explore? Great content, of course, and lots of it, but also a personalised user experience that makes it easy and intuitive to search and discover the content that delights.

And all of this supported by measurement, analytics, A/B testing and rigorous attention to detail.

We discussed all of this and more as we consider the importance of metadata, the power of AI in personalisation and the need for behavioural insight to constantly keep the viewer engaged. And how all of this enables the intelligent targeted advertising proposition.