ThinkAnalytics Expands ThinkAdvertising Team with Media and Advertising Industry Leader, Matt Pagen

November 28, 2023

Los Angeles and London – ThinkAnalytics, the global leader in TV content discovery, viewer data insights, and targeted advertising, announces the appointment of media and advertising industry veteran, Matt Pagen to its ThinkAdvertising team. Pagen joins Strategic Advisor Jo Kinsella in the continued expansion for ThinkAdvertising as the company continues to pave the way for innovation and growth in cross-platform advertising.

Pagen takes on the role of Senior Vice President of ThinkAdvertising at ThinkAnalytics. With over 17 years of experience at Nielsen, Pagen brings a wealth of expertise from various leadership roles, including General Manager of Nielsen’s Planning, Analytics and Outcomes and SVP of Nielsen’s Digital Client businesses. With an extensive background working with media, social, CTV, and ad tech platforms, he will develop new client partnerships with video service providers in cross-platform advertising.

“ThinkAdvertising is poised to make a significant impact in redefining audience targeting, and I relish the opportunity to be part of the team driving this evolution,” said Pagen. “I’m looking forward to unlocking new audience segments at scale across the ecosystem using ThinkAnalytics’ global first party data.”

“We are pleased to welcome Matt to our expanding team as we continue to position ThinkAdvertising for the future of cross-platform advertising,” said Eddie Young, Chairman of ThinkAnalytics. “His wealth of experience and industry knowledge stemming from his career at Nielsen will be pivotal in driving our continued growth and unparalleled value to our customers.”

About ThinkAnalytics

ThinkAnalytics is the World Leader in TV Content Discovery, Viewer Data Insights, and Targeted Advertising. The Think360 product suite enables video service providers, studios, broadcasters, and media companies to deliver personalized content delivery, viewer insights, and audience monetization to over 85 major TV operators serving 475 million subscribers in 47 languages, with 8 billion recommendations per day. ThinkAnalytics is an Emmy Award Winner for Technology and Engineering for excellence in engineering creativity. Privately held, ThinkAnalytics is jointly headquartered in London and Los Angeles.