ThinkAnalytics Launches ThinkAdvertising Audiences on AWS Clean Rooms, Allowing Publishers to Activate Programmatic Targeting for Cross-Platform TV

October 10, 2023

London and Los Angeles – October 10, 2023 – ThinkAnalytics, world leaders in AI-based content discovery, viewer data insights and targeted advertising, announces the launch of its targeted contextual advertising solution, ThinkAdvertising, on AWS Clean Rooms from Amazon Web Services (AWS), making it seamless for publishers to activate cross-channel audience segments for programmatic advertising. AWS Clean Rooms helps customers and their partners more easily and securely collaborate and analyze their collective datasets—without sharing or copying one another’s underlying data. 

As the advertising industry faces challenges of signal loss, data and privacy regulations, and the need for more effective targeting solutions in the TV/OTT programmatic ecosystem, ThinkAdvertising allows video service providers to seamlessly create content-based behavioral audiences at scale with first-party data to solve these needs. This solution drives greater effectiveness and accuracy for advertisers, eliminating waste and driving performance in an evolving and complex convergent TV marketplace. 

With AWS Clean Rooms, ThinkAnalytics helps partners to more easily and securely collaborate and analyze their datasets without sharing or copying one another’s underlying data. By leveraging the ThinkAdvertising turnkey data solution on AWS, TV publishers are able to unlock the value of their audiences and create content-based behavioral audiences at scale leveraging first-party data with full data privacy and security.  

“ThinkAdvertising is leveraging AWS Clean Rooms to guarantee absolute data privacy, providing cross-platform TV companies with a seamless and secure way to convert their first-party data into cross-platform audiences, unlocking significant cost and scalability advantages. Our relationship with AWS simplifies the process for our customers, enabling first-party data to be harnessed for advertising,” stated Peter Docherty, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of ThinkAnalytics.  

By delivering real-time audience segments that harness first-party real-time behavioral changes and engagement, brands are able to engage audiences when they are most receptive and drive higher results. Initial clients have seen 10X engagement, 20X purchase KPIs.