ThinkAnalytics to launch Think360 generative AI-based solutions for personalization and targeted advertising at IBC

September 5, 2023

LONDON – 5 September 2023ThinkAnalytics, the world’s leading content discovery vendor with over 20 years of history in machine learning and AI, today announced that it is adding voice, chatbot and other solutions that combine generative AI, personalized recommendations, content metadata and natural language interaction to its portfolio at IBC 2023 Hall 5, stand B82. At the show, it will also highlight the power of cross-channel marketing campaigns, personalised FAST channels and will demonstrate how first-party data is a game changer for contextual advertising alongside the importance of clean rooms.

Hundreds of millions of viewers already use Think360’s personalization, search/content discovery and voice support, and, building on this expertise, ThinkAnalytics is now working with broadcasters and content providers to add new ways of engaging with individuals or groups of viewers using generative AI for personalized recommendations and other inbound and outbound interactions, including personalized emails and social media.

This allows viewers to receive personalized recommendations using natural language on a variety of platforms. This capability, alongside real-time content discovery, personalized emails and chatbots, presents a new opportunity to reach those dormant users who are at risk of churn.

Generative AI is also feeding into another development at ThinkAnalytics: creating personalized cross-channel marketing campaigns based on viewing behavior. For example, instead of sending every subscriber a similar marketing email, Think360’s insights can be used to create content synopses that emphasize the themes and actors that will appeal to each individual recipient. ThinkInsight can measure the impact of this richer personalization and see the value of the metadata.

ThinkAnalytics will demonstrate the importance of using TV operators’ first-party data to allow advertisers to target TV audiences in real-time with the highest levels of granularity and accuracy in the industry. ThinkAdvertising’s AI models use an operator’s own first-party data which can be delivered securely through clean rooms to create and target contextual audience segments at scale.

“The quality of ThinkAdvertising’s first-party data fills an important need in the market as advertisers face the consequences of a post-cookie world plus the need to target the correct audiences to maximize the results from their ad spend. The results speak for themselves: ThinkAdvertising has delivered uplifts of over 100% for customers,” said Peter Docherty, Founder and CTO, ThinkAnalytics.