You are What you Watch – The Power of Personalized Content Discovery

April 12, 2023

By Greg Riker, Chief Revenue Officer, ThinkAnalytics

As video service providers strive to find new ways to increase viewer engagement and better monetize their investments in video, personalized user experiences are a key driver in meeting these goals. The fact is, viewer-centric interfaces and advertising increase loyalty, increase revenue and decrease churn.

With that in mind, ThinkAnalytics’ Think360 product suite addresses critical needs and is a key differentiator: our AI/Metadata-powered personalization drives engagement, viewer insights and hyper-targeted advertising.  It’s the world’s most deployed content discovery platform with more than 475 million users in 43 languages to date. We’re thrilled to showcase our award-winning products in the US this month at NAB Show in Las Vegas.

Unlock the power of first-party data

ThinkAdvertising, our automated contextual solution, allows content providers to target audience segments by transforming first-party raw viewing data – unlocking its potential to increase advertising revenue and augment non-subscription income. Bringing TV advertising more closely in line with the digital world, we assign viewers to 160 affinity-based categories not available from third-party data, delivering highly predictive categories, advanced household composition – even intent to purchase data. This means increased spend from existing advertisers and new advertisers who will be attracted to the hyper-targeting capabilities and advanced audience data and taking advantage of unused inventory.

ThinkAdvertising’s first-party viewing data goes beyond traditional targeting, third-party data and even transactional data for robust and predictive behavioral insights.

 Making (dollars and) sense of metadata

ThinkMetadata offers metadata enhancement with audits and reporting that improves streaming platforms’ title curation services for higher impact and more accurate content discovery and conversion. Our proprietary tagging has seen individual titles benefit with more than 200% increases in viewership. With movies and series costing upwards of $400MM to produce and market, the need for metadata only increases as the number of sources increase and disparate catalogs merge. Our experts help platforms analyze, shape and improve their data strategically while providing ongoing training and insights, always with a focus on the relevant data specific to customers’ needs.

“With movies and series costing upwards of $400MM to produce…the need for metadata only increases”

Using AI and machine learning, we can create tags for entertainment at a granular level – for example, the different elements of a plot, narrative styles, formats and moods.

A real conversation starter

We’re excited to introduce ThinkAnalytics Chatbots  or what we like to call Thinkbots – an entirely new channel into content consumption with conversational interfaces and personalized recommendations that could eliminate users having to navigate through menus or search content manually. Able to analyze viewers’ preferences and history, Chatbots can provide tailored recommendations while increasing engagement and reducing churn with human-like conversations. The best news? Our unparalleled experience in the discovery solutions space, paired with deep expertise in AI, programming and agile development processes means an efficient and rapid go-to-market for our partners.

Increase engagement, decrease churn, put your data to work

Our ability to meet viewer data challenges with solutions for all sizes of video service providers – including larger players looking for massively scalable super aggregation – meets the industry’s critical needs of engagement and churn while increasing the lifetime value of subscribers and overall revenue for platforms – and we’d love to show you how.

Visit us at NAB, Booth W2659, to discuss how our advanced personalization, content discovery, hyper-targeted advertising and real metadata analysis can address your most pressing business objectives – and experience demos of our revolutionary suite of solutions in action.

If you’re looking to

  • Build your adtech stack to better monetize your FAST channels
  • Reduce churn based on behavioral insights
  • Drive engagement through content discovery

…we can help – just as we’ve helped more than 80 service providers including HBO, DirecTV Latin America, Sony, Rogers, Liberty Global, CrunchyRoll, TELUS, BritBox, Bell Media and many others meet their toughest challenges. Book a meeting and get ThinkAnalytics working for you.